The Reflective note

16 Dec

Discussing my experience in taking the course of academic writing

First of all, I had a lot more experience in writing than I usually have. The idea of “constructing” your own blog is quite innovative and I really liked it. One of the reasons I liked it is because I never had my own blog and never followed anybody else’s. So the experience was new for me. Well, I went off the subject. That is one of the aspects I would like to work on, by the way. I usually jump from one theme to another, so definitely need to focus on improving my “flow of thought”. However, I did learn to write 5-paragraph essays. It did make me worried at first when I realized that I cannot write a coherent 5-paragraph essay, but then with the help of Ms Eydelman I eventually managed to write one. The way I presented arguments has improved. I understood how to construct a thesis statement.

However, not to confuse anyone, I do not think that I have mastered the whole procedure. And I certainly need more practice. Thus I am looking forward to the continuation of the course. Also I would like to learn to co-operate with my groupmates more. I believe we should concentrate on that in the next semester. Commenting and writing should be more regular. Also, I want to get rid of my habit of doing everything the last moment because this habit will do no good to me. I would advise my groupmates to do the same thing.
Furthermore, I would like to learn to give better arguments – to be able to connect a thesis statement with supporting ideas.

I have enjoyed writing in the blog. I think it was useful for all of us. Apparently everyone had much more interest in the blog in the beginning. It should have stayed that way, but alas it didn’t. Though it did not, I still think that we should not give up and find a motivation in ourselves to write more.
Most of the exercises that we completed throughout the semester were useful in my point of view. Especially the preparatory exercises for writing the 5-paragraph essay. However, I think that we should have written more essays in the semester. Not just two. “Practice makes perfect” as we all know.

As for my general impression about the course… I have positive feelings about it, but(!)… I still do think that everyone should have participated more. I do hope that the situation is going to improve and that each one of us is going to be more of an adult. We are all grown-ups,more or less, we did not enter the University to be said what to do. Not even “said”, but forced. Our parents do not pay all this money just for us to sit and do nothing. We need this course for our future jobs.

All right. I’ve said everything I wanted to say.

(P.S. I am looking forward to my groupmates reading this post.)

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